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In The Mix : Dane Dunhill | January 2024

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DJ Dane Dunhill AKA Mr. Street Meat AKA Dave Broughton

He was a benevolent kind soul who gave his shirt off his back to help those in need. As Mr Street Meat, he would give away free food to the homeless who were hungry. As Dane Dunhill his talent in music selection and crowd pleaser to keep a positive vibe. As Dave Broughton, he was a Go-Go dancer and dedicated Raver who loves his music and all the DJs he supported. He has been a dedicated friend to all of us in all communities. We will miss you. Rest In Peace my brother.


Intro Track – Phil Lober – Stellaris Distant Stars

The first hour

  1. Tinlicker feat Run Rivers – Lost (Extended Mix)
  2. RAM & Susana – RAMelia (Tribute To Amelia) (Original Mix)
  3. Ferry Corsten feat Jenny Wahlstrom – Many Ways (Original Mix) and (Halfway House Remix) mashup
  4. Will Sparks feat. Luciana – My Spine Is Tingling (Extended Mix)
  5. Farius – Cala Saladeta (Extended Mix)
  6. Andrew Rayel & Halline – Take All Of Me (Extended Mix)
  7. Ciaran McAuley ft Clare Stagg – All I Want (Extended Mix)
  8. Armin van Buuren & Rising Star ft Fiora – Just As You Are (Extended Mix)
  9. Miroslav Vrlik – Pulsar (extended mix)
  10. Heatbeat – Chiara (Extended Mix)

The second hour

  1. Sean Tyas – In Bloom (Extended Mix)
  2. Sheridan Grout – The Last Word (Mark Bester Extended Remix)
  3. Push – Universal Nation (remastered bart skils remix)
  4. Maxim Lany – Renaissance (Rodg Extended Remix)
  5. Super8 & Tab – Venture (Nifra Extended Remix)
  6. Artento Divini – Kalpa (Onstage Radio 100 Anthem) (Extended Mix)
  7. Arctic Moon ft Shuba – Cool in my disaster (Extended mix)
  8. Tempo Giusto, Jace Headland – Panacea (Extended Mix)
  9. Armin Van Buuren vs. Tempo Gusto – Mr. Navigator (Extended Mix) and (Steve Aoki’s ‘I Am The Captain Now’ Extended Remix)
  10. Estiva – Kosmos (Extended Mix)
WeLuvHouse Podcast Mixtape Sessions
WeLuvHouse Podcast Mixtape Sessions

WeLuvHouse Podcast Mixtape Sessions

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